CFM Ventures Into Church School Construction

Tantine is a seven year old girl living in the remote jungle village of the Congo. Her parents accepted the Adventist message when Congo Frontline Missions preached an evangelistic series in her village. This girl has been faithful to her parents in supporting the family. She helps her mother to fetch water from the brook for family use, cook food and take care of her younger brother and sister. In spite of helping her family happily, Tantine feels that something is missing in her life. She can neither read nor write. The village does not have a school.

When I confronted this little girl with questions why she needed school, this is what she said, “I want to learn how to read and write, that I may be able to read my Bible. I also want to know more about Jesus.” The hunger this young girl has for Christian education has no bounds!

As we continued talking, I learned that her parents were not able to read and write as well. The Bible given by CFM as a gift was not read by the family. There are many more girls and boys who have a passion for school but are not able to attend. Schools are very scarce in these remote villages! The few schools they have do not teach Christian values.

This year Congo Frontline Missions built two schools in Bunia. There still is a need for more schools especially schools teaching Christian education. It is our prayer that God will provide means to build more schools and inspire more Christian teachers.

By Pastor Msafiri Mtenzi, Evangelism and Church Planter Coordinator

Church School Built in Tantine's Village

Church School Built in Tantine's Village



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